About the Training Modules 

Training Modules on decentralised sanitation, septage and waste water have been developed, tested and delivered by SCBP during 2016-17, during training of government officials from UP, Rajasthan, MP, Telangana, Bihar, Karnataka, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. These Modules have also been used in Training of Trainers(ToTs) of AMRUT Nodal Agencies, Academia, Students, NGOs and Private Sector. 

Modules are in 3 Parts : A Trainers Guide including a Narrative, a Presentation and Reference material.  

1. Integrated Wastewater and Septage Management Module 

The Module provides a good understanding of the landscape of waste water and urban sanitation challenges and a conceptual understanding of waste water and septage treatment systems. The module looks at a city/town waste water and sanitation landscape and explore technology solutions. Part C of the Manual is for Trainers. Part A and Part B are also published in Hindi.

2. FSSM Orientation Module

The Module provides a basic understanding of faecal sludge and septage management from a holistic perspective of: Urbanisation, Policy, Infrastructure and O&M Planning, Financing, Gender and Behaviour Change. The Module can be used both as a ToT Module and also has a Presentation component for delivery. The Module identifies Key Facts and Messages for each session. The trainees get a hands on learning of the sanitation service value chain through practical exercise:  how to assess the volume of septage generated, affordability of scheduled desludging vs. demand desludging. Hindi translation of Part A of the Module has also been done and placed on this site.

3. Advanced FSSM Technology Training Module

The Module provides an understanding and skill sets for developing decentralised sanitation solutions including Detailed Project Reports(DPRs) for non-mechanical septage treatment. The Module provides a classroom and filed work component over 3 days training, to Engineers and Professionals to get a hands on experience of assessments and design considerations for setting up a Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant(FSTP).  

4. FSSM Training of Trainers Modules

A ToT Module for Professionals, ULB officials and Practitioners - for understanding: What is FSSM, How to estimate sludge generation, Technology options and an understanding of the Financial and Operational implications( and desirability) of scheduled/regular desludging of septic tanks at town level. The ToT Module forms the base module for other modules of SCBP.

5. Rajasthan ODF and ODF + Training Module

Rajasthan specific FSSM Training Module. Has training content as well as a compilation of all the Rajasthan specific research, publications, posters and advocacy material developed by SCBP. Also includes material in Hindi. The module is useful for middle and junior level staff of state government and Urban Local Body officials. The module borrows from the work done in Maharashtra on their ODF and ODF Plus Guidelines Framework of 2016, and shows how to approach and plan for Open Defecation Free to addressing Septage and Grey Water treatment.

6. Module on Preparation of DPR for FSSM

Module for consultants and Urban Local Body Technical staff on understanding the preparation of Detailed Project Report for Septage Treatment Plants. Part A has Presentation Slides and Part B has workbook on Planning and Designing of FSTP.


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