Online Workshop on Sampling Protocol to Study the Health and Environmental Impact of Informal Use of Wastewater and Faecal Sludge in Agriculture.

2021-08-30 15:00:00
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NIUA in collaboration with BIOME, Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LeDEG) and Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association (BORDA) are undertaking a study on the “Impact of the Informal Use of Untreated Wastewater and Faecal Sludge in Agriculture on Health and the Environment”. To discuss the outcomes, a webinar was organized to gauge inputs in consultation with public #health and epidemiological experts in order to validate the criteria and selection of parameters, testing protocol, and associated logistics and finalize the parameters and methodology to be adopted in the study for best results. The outcomes of the study will leverage the priorities of SBM.

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NIUA, Biome, BORDA and LeDEG
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Dr. Mahreen Matto
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