State Level Capacity Building
  • State FSSM Perspective (100 Towns Report of Rajasthan)
  • City Sanitation Plans (4 towns of Odisha) with FSSM perspective.
  • 191 ULBs of Rajasthan supported with ODF and FSSM Orientation Trainings and Exposure visits
  • 61 AMRUT towns of UP supported for FSSM Orientation Trainings and development of SAAP Budgets for FSTPs
  • First Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for setting up Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants in 2 States (UP and Bihar) and also Rajasthan
Institutional Capacity Building at National Level
  • Capacity Building of Nodal AMRUT Institutes (5)
  • Para state agencies supported for Planning and Technology
  • Private Sector, Academia and Civil Society capacity building and engagement in FSSM
  • 500 officials from 12 states provided with FSSM Trainings and Exposure Visit opportunities
Evidence Based Advocacy
  • Capacity Needs Assessment for FSSM undertaken for 3 states (UP, Bihar and AP)
  • Thematic and Spatial Research on Urban Sanitation
  • State FSSM Policy Draft (UP and Rajasthan)
  • Training Modules Developed(4)
  • National and State level Advocacy with NFSSM Alliance
  • Advocacy Factsheets
  • Workshops & Learning Events